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E/RES/2003/41 Efforts to counter the trend towards the legalization of drugs for non-medical useE/RES/2003/41 努力制止将非医疗使用药物合法化的趋势
The Economic and Social Council,经济及社会理事会,
Taking into account the policies adopted by organizations of the United Nations system concerning the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961, that Convention as amended by the 1972 Protocol, the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971, the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in particular article 33 thereof,考虑到联合国系统各组织就《1961年麻醉品单一公约》、 经1972年议定书 修正的该公约、1971年《精神药物公约》、 1988年《联合国禁止非法贩运麻醉药品和精神药物公约》 和《儿童权利公约》, 特别是其中第33条所采取的政策,
Recalling the Political Declaration adopted by the General Assembly at its twentieth special session, devoted to countering the world drug problem together, the Declaration on the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction and the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Declaration on the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction,回顾专门讨论共同对付世界毒品问题的大会第二十届特别会议通过的《政治宣言》, 以及《减少毒品需求指导原则宣言》 和《实施<减少毒品需求指导原则宣言>行动计划》,
Recalling also that narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances are controlled under the 1961 Convention, that Convention as amended by the 1972 Protocol and the 1971 Convention, which call for the States parties to those conventions to adopt all possible measures to limit the production, manufacture, export, import and distribution of, trade in and use and possession of those drugs for medical and scientific purposes if those States consider that to be the most appropriate means of protecting health and public welfare,并回顾根据1961年公约、经1972年议定书修正的该公约和1971年公约对麻醉品和精神药物进行了管制,这些公约要求其缔约国采取一切可能的措施将生产、制造、出口、进口、分销、交易、使用和拥有这些药物仅限于医疗和科研用途,只要其认为这样做是保护健康和公众福利的最适当手段,
Conscious that increased availability of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, without the appropriate controls, could facilitate the diversion of those drugs,意识到增加麻醉药品和精神药物的供应而不加以适当的管制,可能为这些药物的转用提供便利,
Taking into account the reports of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2001 and 2002,考虑到国际麻醉品管制局2001年 和2002年 的报告,
Bearing in mind that countering the world drug problem is a shared responsibility calling for coordinated action in conformity with the relevant multilateral instruments in force at the international level,牢记对付世界毒品问题是一项共同的责任,需要按照国际一级现行有关多边文书采取协调行动,
Concerned about the increasing levels of illicit drug consumption, in particular among children, young people and groups at risk of abusing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances,关切地注意到非法药物消费水平有增无已,特别是在儿童、青少年和有滥用麻醉药品和精神药物风险的群体中,
Also concerned about the trend towards the development of lenient policies relating to cannabis and other drugs that are not in accordance with international drug control treaties and about the fact that such trends may have a negative impact on efforts being made to eradicate cannabis cultivation and to combat drug trafficking,还关切地注意到制订不符合国际药物管制条约的与大麻和其他药物有关的宽容政策的趋势,而且这种趋势可能对为根除大麻种植及打击贩毒所作的努力产生消极影响,
Invites the International Narcotics Control Board to continue to monitor and report on the application of the international drug control treaties by Member States with regard to cannabis and other drugs;请国际麻醉品管制局继续监测和报告会员国对有关大麻和其他药物的国际管制条约的适用情况;
Requests the United Nations International Drug Control Programme, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, to report on new trends with regard to cannabis.请联合国国际药物管制规划署与世界卫生组织协作,就有关大麻的新趋势提出报告。
44th plenary meeting 22 July 20032003年7月22日
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General Assembly resolution 44/25, annex.大会第44/25号决议,附件。
General Assembly resolution S-20/2, annex.大会S-20/2号决议,附件。
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United Nations联合国
Economic and Social Council经济及社会理事会
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15 September 200315 September 2003
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