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E/RES/2003/39 Strengthening systems of control over chemical precursors and preventing their diversion and traffickingE/RES/2003/39 加强对化学品前体管制制度和防止其转移用途和贩运
The Economic and Social Council,经济及社会理事会,
Convinced that the transnational nature of the world drug problem and related offences requires the effective application of the principles of shared responsibility and a holistic and balanced approach,深信世界毒品问题及相关犯罪的跨国性质要求有效地采用共同负责原则和全面平衡的办法来对付,
Noting that the availability of chemical precursors makes it possible to extract, refine and synthesize illicit drugs of natural or synthetic origin,注意到化学品前体的供应使得天然类或合成类非法药物的提炼、提纯和合成成为可能,
Noting General Assembly resolution S-20/4 B of 10 June 1998 on the control of precursors, adopted by the Assembly at its twentieth special session, devoted to countering the world drug problem together,注意到专门讨论共同对付世界毒品问题的大会第二十届特别会议上通过的关于前体管制的大会1998年6月10日S-20/4B号决议,
Stressing the importance of Commission on Narcotic Drugs resolution 45/12 on the diversion of precursors and prompt reporting to competent authorities of the countries of origin and the countries of transit and the International Narcotics Control Board,强调麻醉药品委员会关于前体的挪用和迅速向原产国和过境国主管当局及国际麻醉品管制局报告的第45/12号决议的重要性,
Concerned at the fact that the diversion of chemical precursors is related to, inter alia, the manufacture of illicit drugs,关切地注意到化学品前体转移用途与非法药物的制造等有关,
Observing that transnational criminal organizations have taken advantage of the benefits of globalization and the use of new technology to broaden the scope of their activity in this area and that, therefore, combating those organizations and the methods they use constitutes one of the greatest challenges facing the international community today,注意到跨国犯罪组织已利用全球化之便和新的技术扩展其在这方面的活动的范围,因此,打击这些组织及其所用手法是当前国际社会面临的最重大挑战之一,
Noting with concern the widespread use of substances substituted for controlled substances in Tables I and II of the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988, for the purposes of extracting and refining drugs of natural or synthetic origin,关切地注意到1988年《联合国禁止非法贩运麻醉药品和精神药物公约》 表一和表二管制药物的替代药物广泛用于天然类或合成类药物的提炼和提纯,
Noting the important problems posed by the diversion, smuggling and illicit trading of chemical precursors needed for the production of drugs of natural or synthetic origin,注意到天然类或合成类药物生产所需化学品前体的转移用途、走私和非法贸易构成严重问题,
Aware that the availability of chemical precursors continues, despite the success of Operation Topaz and Operation Purple and the efforts of all countries to prevent the access of drug traffickers to chemical precursors needed in the manufacture of illicit drugs of natural and synthetic origin,意识到尽管黄玉色行动和紫色行动的成功和所有国家都在努力防止贩毒者获得天然类及合成类非法药物制造所需的化学品前体,但化学品前体的供应却仍然不见减少,
Committed to preventing, through all legal means available, access to chemical precursors by those engaged in or attempting to engage in the processing of illicit drugs,承诺以现有各种合法手段防止那些从事或企图从事非法药物加工者获得化学品前体,
Concerned at the fact that illicit drugs of natural and synthetic origin have spread worldwide, and recognizing that that represents a threat to all States,关切地注意到天然类和合成类非法药物已遍及全世界并认为这对各国都是一种威胁,
Urges all States, including producing, exporting, transit and importing States, in accordance with the principle of shared responsibility, to exchange information, through the competent authorities established in accordance with the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988116 or through law enforcement authorities, regarding suspicious transactions or shipments of substances suspected of being diverted for use in illicit drug production;促请包括生产国、出口国、过境国和进口国在内的所有国家就涉嫌转用于非法药物生产的可疑药物交易或货运根据责任分担原则通过根据1988年《联合国禁止非法贩运麻醉药品和精神药物公约》设立的主管当局或通过执法当局交换信息;
Recommends that all States ensure that they have in place fully effective systems for chemical precursor control and procedures for training personnel of control agencies and operational, regulatory and administrative staff;建议所有国家确保本国建立充分有效的化学品前体管制制度和对管制机构人员和业务、管理和行政人员的培训程序;
Calls upon all States to inform, through the International Narcotics Control Board, the competent authorities of States about matters concerning the introduction of substances substituted for controlled substances and the use of new techniques in the synthesis, refining and extraction of illicit drugs, with a view to strengthening controls;吁请所有国家通过国际麻醉品管制局向各国主管当局通报使用管制药物的替代药物以及采用新工艺合成、提纯和提炼非法药物事宜,以期加强管制;
Encourages all States, including producing, exporting, transit and importing States, to make full use of existing channels of communication for the timely exchange of information, where possible, on enterprises that have been given penalties for improper management of chemicals, in accordance with their national legislation, as well as on routes and means of trafficking and diversion, on methods of camouflaging and on means of falsifying and manipulating customs documents, and any other information necessary to exercise more effective control;鼓励包括生产国、出口国、过境国和进口国在内的所有国家充分利用现有的联系渠道,根据本国立法,在可能的情况下,及时交换关于因化学品管理不当而被处罚的企业的情况、关于贩运和转移用途的路线和手段、隐蔽方法和伪造和操纵海关文件的手段的情况以及为实行更有效管制所需要的任何其他资料;
Reiterates the vital importance of the process of prior notification of export of chemicals used in the manufacture of organic and synthetic drugs, established pursuant to article 12 of the 1988 Convention, as a mechanism for preventing the diversion of chemicals into illicit channels, and stresses the need for timely feedback following such prior notification;重申依照1988年公约第12条确立的事先发出用于制造有机药物和合成药物化学品出口通知这一程序作为一种防止化学品转入非法渠道的机制的极端重要性,并强调此类事先通知后发出及时反馈的必要性;
Also reiterates the need to adopt measures for the application of the “know-your-client” principle by enterprises involved in production and distribution;并重申采取措施促使从事生产和分销的企业采用“了解客户”原则的必要性;
Encourages States and relevant international organizations to provide technical assistance that can be used to exercise more effective precursor control.鼓励各国和有关国际组织提供可用于实行更有效前体管制的技术援助。
44th plenary meeting 22 July 20032003年7月22日 第44次全体会议
See Official Records of the United Nations Conference for the Adoption of a Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Vienna, 25 November-20 December 1988, vol. I (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.94.XI.5).见《通过一项禁止非法贩运麻醉药品和精神药物公约的联合国会议的正式记录,1988年11月25日至12月20日,维也纳》,第一卷(联合国出版物,出售品编号:E.94.XI.5)。
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Economic and Social Council经济及社会理事会
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15 September 200315 September 2003
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