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E/RES/2003/36 Establishment of national networks to counter money-laundering in the framework of national and international drug control plansE/RES/2003/36 在国家和国际药物管制计划的范围内建立打击洗钱的国家网络
The Economic and Social Council,经济及社会理事会,
Bearing in mind the United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988, the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism,铭记1988年《联合国禁止非法贩运麻醉药品和精神药物公约》、《制止向恐怖主义提供资助的国际公约》、《联合国打击跨国有组织犯罪公约》 以及《美洲反腐败公约》,
Taking into account the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering and its regional groups,顾及洗钱问题金融行动工作队及其各区域小组,
Taking into account also the Political Declaration adopted by the General Assembly at its twentieth special session, devoted to countering the world drug problem together, which called for Member States to make special efforts against the laundering of money linked to drug trafficking and recommended that States adopt by the year 2003 national money-laundering legislation and programmes in accordance with the 1988 Convention, as well as the measures for countering money-laundering adopted at the twentieth special session,还顾及专门讨论共同对付世界毒品问题的大会第二十届特别会议通过的《政治宣言》, 其中要求会员国作出特别努力,打击同贩毒有关的洗钱行为,并建议各国根据1988年公约到2003年通过国家反洗钱立法和方案,以及第二十届特别会议通过的打击洗钱行为的措施,
Considering that multilateral action against the modern global phenomenon of transnational organized crime and the illicit activities connected with it, in particular drug trafficking, money-laundering, corruption and the financing of terrorism, represents a commitment by States that calls for shared responsibility and coordinated activities with a view to achieving a coherent global approach in accordance with multilateral instruments,考虑到采取多边行动,打击跨国有组织犯罪的现代全球现象及与此有关的非法活动,尤其是贩毒、洗钱、腐败和资助恐怖主义行为,代表着各国的一项承诺,要求共同分担责任,协调活动,以便根据多边文书达成协调一致的全球方式,
Recognizing that the laundering of proceeds derived from drug trafficking and other serious offences has increased throughout the world to become a global threat to the stability and security of the financial and commercial system, and even to government structures, and that concerted efforts by the international community are required in order to deal with the problems posed by organized crime and the proceeds derived from it,承认贩毒活动和其他严重犯罪所得收益的洗钱现象在全世界有增无减,已成为一种全球威胁,危及世界金融和商业体系的稳定与安全,甚至危及政府结构,国际社会必须协同努力,以对付有组织犯罪及其所得收益而构成的问题,
Emphasizing the need for States to harmonize their legislation in order to ensure adequate coordination of their policies for preventing, monitoring, controlling and suppressing money-laundering and the financing of terrorism,强调各国有必要协调其法规,以便确保适当地协调其有关预防、监测、管制和制止洗钱及资助恐怖主义行为的政策,
Recognizing that effective action to counter the problem of money-laundering will be possible only through international cooperation and the utilization of networked information systems that facilitate collaboration and the exchange of information between the relevant authorities of the States concerned,承认采取有效行动对付洗钱问题的唯一可能办法是开展国际合作,利用联网信息系统,以此为各有关国家相关机构之间开展合作并交流信息提供便利,
Recognizing also the strategic necessity for States to have the appropriate infrastructure for analysis and financial investigation in order to combat money-laundering and the financing of transnational organized crime in a coordinated manner, using national, regional and international strategies,还承认各国在战略上有必要建立展开分析和实行金融调查的适当基础设施,以便利用国家、区域和国际战略以协同一致的方式打击洗钱和资助跨国有组织犯罪的行为,
Reiterating the importance of establishing and implementing national plans or strategies to combat the laundering of the proceeds of crime,重申制定并实施打击犯罪所得洗钱的国家计划或战略的重要性,
Recommends that States, in conformity with their legislation and in accordance with their capabilities, set up national networks to supplement existing regional and international networks dealing with money-laundering;建议各国依照其法规并根据其能力建立对打击洗钱的现行区域和国际网络加以补充的国家网络;
Calls upon States to consider including provisions in their national drug control plans for the establishment of national networks to enhance their respective capabilities to prevent, monitor, control and suppress serious offences connected with money-laundering and the financing of terrorist acts and in general to counter all transnational organized criminal acts;吁请各国考虑将关于建立国家网络的规定纳入其国家药物管制计划,以提高各国预防、监测、管制和制止与洗钱及资助恐怖主义行为相关的严重犯罪的能力,和全面打击一切跨国有组织犯罪行为;
Requests the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, subject to the availability of resources and the Commission on Narcotic Drugs guidelines for the use of general-purpose funds, together with international financial institutions and the organizations involved in preventing and suppressing money-laundering and drug trafficking, to facilitate the provision of training and advice through technical cooperation in States, when requested, taking into account, inter alia, the recommendations on money-laundering and the financing of terrorism formulated by the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering and its regional groups.请联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处在有资源的情况下并依照麻醉药品委员会普通用途资金使用准则, 协同国际金融机构和参与预防和制止洗钱和贩毒行为的各组织根据请求,通过技术合作方式向各国提供培训和咨询,其中应当考虑到洗钱问题金融行动工作队及其各区域小组就洗钱和资助恐怖主义问题而拟定的各项建议。
44th plenary meeting 22 July 20032003年7月22日 第40.4次全体会议
Official Records of the United Nations Conference for the Adoption of a Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances, Vienna, 25 November-20 December 1988, vol. I (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.94.XI.5).《关于通过一项禁止非法贩运麻醉药品和精神药物公约的联合国会议正式记录,1988年11月25日至12月20日,维也纳》,第一卷(联合国出版物,销售品编号:E.94.XI.5)。
General Assembly resolution 54/109, annex.大会第54/109号决议,附件。
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United Nations联合国
Economic and Social Council经济及社会理事会
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