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E/RES/2005/24 Providing support to Afghanistan with a view to ensuring effective implementation of its Counter-Narcotic Implementation PlanE/RES/2005/24 向阿富汗提供支助以确保有效实施其《禁毒执行计划》
The Economic and Social Council,经济及社会理事会,
Recommends to the General Assembly the adoption of the following draft resolution:建议大会通过下列决议草案:
“The General Assembly,“大会,
“Noting with concern the report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime entitled ‘Afghanistan: Opium Survey 2004’, emphasizing that the cultivation of opium poppy in Afghanistan has increased to an unprecedented level and stressing the threats to the security and stability of that country, neighbouring regions and the entire world that have emanated from the increased illicit cultivation of opium poppy and production of and trafficking in illicit drugs,“关切地注意到联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处题为‘阿富汗:2004年阿片概览’的报告,其中强调,阿富汗罂粟种植量已增加到前所未有的水平,并强调,罂粟的非法种植不断增加和非法药物的生产和贩运对该国、其邻近区域及全世界的安全与稳定构成了威胁,
“Recognizing the political will and continued commitment of Afghanistan to eliminate opium poppy cultivation by 2013, and welcoming in this context the Counter-Narcotic Implementation Plan of Afghanistan, launched in February 2005, which formalized the establishment of the new counter-narcotic ministry,“确认阿富汗在2013年前根除罂粟种植的政治意愿和持续承诺,并在这方面欢迎2005年2月发起的《阿富汗禁毒执行计划》,该计划使新的禁毒部正式成立,
“Taking note of the Constitution of Afghanistan, in article 7 of which the Government of Afghanistan expresses its strong resolve to fight against the illicit cultivation of opium poppy and the production of and trafficking in opium and other illicit narcotic drugs,“注意到《阿富汗宪法》,在其第7条中,阿富汗政府表示决心坚决打击罂粟非法种植以及阿片与其他非法麻醉品的生产和贩运,
“Encouraging the Government of Afghanistan to intensify its efforts to achieve an effective legislative counter-narcotic framework,“鼓励阿富汗政府加大努力,争取通过一个有效的禁毒法律框架,
“Welcoming the establishment by the Government of Afghanistan of a counter-narcotic police force in support of its counter-narcotic campaign, in the context of strengthening the law enforcement regime,“欢迎阿富汗政府在加强其执法制度方面建立一支禁毒警察部队以支持其禁毒运动,
“Noting with appreciation the achievements of the Government of Afghanistan during 2004 in implementing law enforcement measures leading to the elimination of thousands of acres of opium poppy cultivation, the interdiction of drug traffickers, the seizure of substantial amounts of illicit drugs, precursors and small ammunitions and weapons and the dismantling of hundreds of clandestine laboratories used for illicit drug production, and noting the commitment of the Government to increasing its efforts substantially in those areas,“赞赏地注意到阿富汗政府2004年期间在实施有关执法措施方面取得的成就,这些措施促成根除了上万公顷的罂粟种植,拦截了贩毒者,缉获了大量非法药物、前体和小型弹药与武器,以及捣毁了数百座用于非法生产药物的地下加工点,并注意到该国政府承诺大大加强其在这方面的努力,
“Noting the priority given by the Government of Afghanistan to ensuring a credible, targeted and reinforced illicit crop eradication campaign and to working with international partners through the national development budget and the newly established counter-narcotic trust fund in order to facilitate the provision of sustainable alternative livelihoods in targeted areas,“注意到阿富汗政府优先重视确保开展可靠、有针对性和加强的根除非法作物运动,并通过国家发展预算和新设立的禁毒信托基金,与国际伙伴一道开展工作,以便促进在目标地区提供可持续的替代生计,
“Bearing in mind that the fight against the illicit cultivation of opium poppy and the production of and trafficking in illicit narcotic drugs is a common and shared responsibility to be addressed through international efforts, as recognized by Member States in the Political Declaration adopted by the General Assembly at its twentieth special session,“考虑到正如会员国在大会第二十届特别会议通过的《政治宣言》 中所确认的,打击罂粟非法种植以及非法麻醉品的生产和贩运是一项需要通过国际努力加以处理的共同的责任,
“Recalling its resolution 55/2 of 8 September 2000, entitled ‘United Nations Millennium Declaration’, and the goals contained therein, which focused on economic development, peace and security and the establishment of the required framework for international cooperation to achieve those goals,“回顾其2000年9月8日题为《联合国千年宣言》的第55/2号决议及其中所载的各项目标,这些目标侧重于经济发展、和平与稳定以及为实现这些目标建立所需的国际合作框架,
“Recalling also various other United Nations resolutions and recommendations, including General Assembly resolution 59/161 of 20 December 2004 and the recommendations of the International Narcotics Control Board in its report for 2004, requesting the international community to support the Government of Afghanistan in its fight against the illicit cultivation of opium poppy and trafficking in illicit narcotic drugs,“还回顾其他各项联合国决议和建议,其中包括大会2004年12月20日第59/161号决议和国际麻醉品管制局2004年报告中的各项建议, 其中请求国际社会支助阿富汗政府打击罂粟非法种植和非法麻醉品贩运,
Notes with appreciation the bilateral and multilateral support being provided to Afghanistan by the international community through the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and other international entities;赞赏地注意到国际社会通过联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处及其他国际实体向阿富汗提供了双边和多边支助;
Commends the Counter-Narcotic Implementation Plan of Afghanistan, which comprises an eight-point strategy that includes:赞扬阿富汗的《禁毒执行计划》,其中载有一项包括下列内容的八点战略:
“(a) Building counter-narcotic institutions and provincial structures;“(a) 建立禁毒体制和省级结构;
“(b) Increasing the awareness of the Afghan population about the problems and threats emanating from the illicit cultivation of opium poppy and the production of and trafficking in illicit narcotic drugs;“(b) 提高阿富汗民众对非法种植罂粟及生产和贩运非法麻醉品所产生的问题和威胁的认识;
“(c) Provision of alternative livelihoods and creation of the national development budget and the counter-narcotic trust fund to provide financial support;“(c) 提供替代生计及设立国家发展预算和禁毒信托基金以提供财政支助;
“(d) Interdiction and elimination of heroin-manufacturing laboratories through the national anti-narcotic police force;“(d) 通过国家禁毒警察部队取缔和根除海洛因加工点;
“(e) Strengthening legal and judicial institutions;“(e) 加强法律和司法体制;
“(f) A credible, targeted and verified eradication campaign;“(f) 开展可靠、有针对性和经核查的根除运动;
“(g) Demand reduction and treatment of addicts;“(g) 减少需求和戒毒;
“(h) Regional cooperation with neighbouring countries aimed at strengthening security belts in the region and countering the threat posed by the illicit cultivation of opium poppy and the production of and trafficking in illicit narcotic drugs;“(h) 与邻国开展区域合作,以加强该区域的安全带,遏制罂粟非法种植以及非法麻醉品的生产和贩运所带来的危胁;
Calls upon the international community to provide the necessary support to the counter-narcotic objectives of the Government of Afghanistan, by continued technical assistance and financial commitment, in particular, to all eight pillars of the Counter-Narcotic Implementation Plan;呼吁国际社会通过继续提供技术援助和作出资金承诺,为阿富汗政府的禁毒目标,特别是《禁毒执行计划》的所有八个要点,提供必要的支助;
Encourages all stakeholders to strengthen measures for global demand reduction, thereby enhancing efforts to combat illicit drug production and trafficking;鼓励所有利益攸关者加强全球减少需求的措施,从而进一步努力打击非法药物生产和贩运;
“5. Urges Afghanistan to maintain illicit drug control among its highest priorities, as stipulated in its Constitution and the Counter-Narcotic Implementation Plan, with a view to enhancing its efforts to combat the illicit cultivation of opium poppy, the production of illicit drugs and trafficking in illicit drugs and precursors; “6. Requests the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime to strengthen its efforts to ensure that multilateral support is provided to Afghanistan in line and in coordination with the Counter-Narcotic Implementation Plan.”“5. 促请阿富汗如其宪法和《禁毒执行计划》中规定的那样继续把对非法药物的管制列为最重要的优先事项之一,以加大力度打击罂粟非法种植、非法药物的生产以及非法药物和前体的贩运; “6. 请联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处进一步努力确保根据《禁毒执行计划》并通过与该计划进行协调向阿富汗提供多边支助。”
36th plenary meeting 22 July 20052005年7月22日 第36次全体会议 国际麻醉品管制局2004年报告(联合国出版物,出售品编号:E.05.XI.03)。
Resolution S-20/2, annex.S-20/2号决议,附件。
Report of the International Narcotics Control Board for 2004 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.05.XI.3).国际麻醉品管制局2004年报告(联合国出版物,出售品编号:E.05.XI.03)。