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Sixty-fourth session第六十四届会议
Agenda item 29议程项目29 原子辐射的影响
Effects of atomic radiation2010年5月18日联合国原子辐射影响问题科学委员会主席给大会 主席的信
Letter dated 18 May 2010 from the Chair of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation addressed to the President of the General Assembly在与委员会主席团成员协商之后,我谨以联合国原子辐射影响问题科学委员会主席的身份通知你,由于不可抗力,委员会需要更多时间对大会2009年12月10日第64/85号决议第13段作出回应。
I have the honour, as Chair of the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, and in consultation with the officers of the Committee, to inform you that the Committee requires extra time to respond to paragraph 13 of General Assembly resolution 64/85 of 10 December 2009 owing to force majeure.你将记得,大会第64/85号决议第13段提示科学委员会“继续考虑按委员会目前的成员组成及或经改变的成员组成如何能够最好地支助其基本工作,包括在观察员国家参与下制定详细、客观和透明的标准和指标,公平地一体施用于目前和今后的成员,并在2010年6月底以前报告其结论”。
You will recall that in paragraph 13 of resolution 64/85, the General Assembly reminded the Scientific Committee “to continue its reflection on how its current, as well as its potentially revised, membership could best support its essential work, including by developing, with the participation of the observer countries, detailed, objective and transparent criteria and indicators to be applied equitably to present and future members alike, and to report its conclusions by the end of June 2010”.自该决议通过后,主席和副主席通过电子邮件并分别通过电话与科学委员会代表进行了协商,并为委员会在2010年6月底以前解决这一问题编写了进程文件。这些文件提出的要素有可能成为原定于2010年4月19日至23日举行的委员会第五十七届会议讨论和达成协议的标准和指标。虽然在方法上达成了基本共识,但显而易见,委员会内部面对面的辩论和整个委员会达成一致最好是以开放式合议论坛的形式举行,这样才能得出结论。
Since the adoption of the resolution, the Chair and Vice-Chair had consulted by electronic mail and individually by telephone with representatives on the Scientific Committee, and had prepared process papers for the Committee to address the issue before the end of June 2010. The papers proposed elements that could serve as possible criteria and indicators for discussion and agreement at the fifty-seventh session of the Committee, scheduled to be held from 19 to 23 April 2010. While there was basic consensus on the approach, it was clear that face-to-face debate and agreement within the Committee as a whole, best conducted in an open and collegial forum, was necessary to reach conclusions.遗憾的是,在2010年4月冰岛火山爆发以后,由于世界各地航班中断而形成的不可抗力几乎使所有代表、顾问、观察员和咨询人无法前往维也纳参加计划举行的会议。我们面临的状况是法定人数不足,无法得出结论。因此,在秘书处的大力协助下,于会议召开前的数日内通过电子邮件和电话与各国代表和代表团进行了广泛协商,此后,我于2010年4月18日星期日上午7时作出了推迟会议的决定。各国代表对这一决定表示大力支持,基本上没有人表示反对。
Regrettably, force majeure owing to worldwide flight disruptions following the April 2010 volcanic eruptions in Iceland interfered with the ability of almost all representatives, advisers, observers and consultants to reach Vienna for the scheduled session. We were faced with the prospect of insufficient numbers for a quorum to permit us to reach conclusions. Accordingly, in extensive consultations with representatives and delegations by e-mail and telephone during the days preceding the meeting, facilitated enormously by the secretariat, I took the decision at 7 a.m. on Sunday, 18 April 2010, to postpone the meeting. There has been strong support of this decision from representatives and essentially no disavowal.通过对不可抗力作出这一及时的反应,秘书处设法留住了足够的资源,因而能够重新排定科学委员会第五十七届会议的日期。不过,不可避免的不利后果使委员会无法在2010年6月30日以前就对第64/85号决议第13段的回应得出结论。从后勤角度讲不可能将第五十七届会议的日期重排在2010年6月30日以前;不过,秘书处已设法为重新排定的定于2010年8月16日至20日在维也纳举行的会议获得了使用设施的保证。
By this timely response to the force majeure, the secretariat managed to retain sufficient resources to allow the fifty-seventh session of the Scientific Committee to be rescheduled. However, the unfortunate but inevitable consequence affects the ability of the Committee to reach conclusions on its response to paragraph 13 of resolution 64/85 before 30 June 2010. There were no logistic possibilities to reschedule the fifty-seventh session before 30 June 2010; however, the secretariat has managed to secure facilities for a rescheduled session from 16 to 20 August 2010 in Vienna.委员会全力对大会的要求作出回应,并认识到这一进程将有助于提高其工作效率。我希望强调,委员会已重申它希望其成员数目维持在目前的水平。制订成员组成标准和指标的工作已取得很大进展,我完全期望委员会可在其重新排定日期的会议上得出重要的结论。
The Committee is fully committed to responding to the General Assembly’s request and recognizes the benefits that this process will bring to enhancing the efficiency of its work. I would emphasize that the Committee has reiterated its wish that its membership remain at about the present size. The development of criteria and indicators for membership is already well advanced, and I fully expect that the Committee can reach important conclusions at its rescheduled session.我据此设想,委员会将能够在重新排定的定于2010年8月16日至20日举行的会议之后,在大会第六十五届会议结束之前,报告该委员会针对第64/85号决议第13段得出的结论。
Accordingly, I envisage that the Committee will be able to report its conclusions in response to paragraph 13 of resolution 64/85 after its rescheduled session to be held from 16 to 20 August 2010, and before the end of the sixty-fourth session of the General Assembly.联合国原子辐射影响问题科学委员会主席
(Signed) Norman E. Gentner Chair United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation诺曼 金特纳(签名)
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