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E/RES/2003/33 Reduction of illicit drug demandE/RES/2003/33 减少非法药物需求
The Economic and Social Council,经济及社会理事会,
Recalling the Declaration on the Guiding Principles of Drug Demand Reduction and the measures to enhance international cooperation to counter the world drug problem, adopted by the General Assembly at its twentieth special session,回顾大会第二十届特别会议通过的《减少毒品需求指导原则宣言》 和加强国际合作对付世界毒品问题的各项措施,
Recognizing that the rapid evolution of the socio-economic situation, combined with cultural, personal and social factors and compounded by the availability of illicit drugs, has exacerbated the global problem of consumption of psychoactive substances,认识到社会经济形势的迅速变化,加上文化、个人和社会因素以及非法药物轻松可得,使消费精神活性物质这一全球性问题进一步恶化,
Conscious that the problem of consumption has a greater impact on populations at risk, in particular children and young people, who, for various family and cultural reasons, have become more vulnerable and susceptible to illicit drug consumption and hazardous behaviour regarding illicit drugs,意识到消费问题对危险人群尤其是儿童和青少年产生更大影响,他们由于各种家庭和文化原因更易受害,更易沾染非法药物消费和与非法药物有关的危险行为,
Aware that programmes for the reduction of illicit drug demand must form part of a global strategy and that, if they are integrated and coordinated so as to offer a wide variety of appropriate measures in the community and in the education, health, labour and social welfare sectors, they will enable the targeted persons, families and communities to diminish the adverse effects of improper drug use,注意到减少非法药物需求方案必须构成全球战略的组成部分,如果将这些方案加以综合和协调,以便在社区和在教育、保健、劳动和社会福利部门提供多种适当措施,将使目标个人、家庭和社区能够减轻不当使用药物的不利影响,
Considering that the world drug problem must be dealt with on the basis of shared responsibility, which requires an integrated and balanced approach, offering people comprehensive care that will foster their development as individuals and within the community,认为必须在共同分担责任的基础上解决世界毒品问题,这要求采取统筹兼顾的办法,为人们提供全面的关照,促进其作为个人和在社区内的发展,
1. Supports the implementation of programmes for the reduction of illicit drug demand with global impact and scope that target the people at risk of consuming illicit drugs and the problems associated with illicit drug consumption, to be implemented in an integrated and coordinated manner in the community and in the education, health, labour and social welfare sectors;1. 支持以统筹兼顾和协调一致的方式,在社区和教育、保健、劳动和社会福利部门,针对消费非法药物危险人群和与非法药物消费相关的问题,实施具有全球影响和范围的减少非法药物需求方案;
2. Invites Member States to share their experience with models for intervention in the various sectors with a view to restructuring their programmes for the reduction of illicit drug demand so that the programmes will have greater impact.2. 请会员国交流在各部门进行干预的模式所取得的经验,以便调整减少非法药物需求方案,让这些方案产生更大影响。
44th plenary meeting 22 July 20032003年7月22日 第44次全体会议
1 General Assembly resolution S-20/3, annex.1 大会S-20/3号决议,附件。