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E/RES/2003/32 Training in precursor control, countering money-laundering and drug abuse preventionE/RES/2003/32 前体管制、反洗钱和预防药物滥用方面的培训
The Economic and Social Council,经济及社会理事会,
Conscious that offences connected with drug trafficking depend on the availability of chemical precursors, without which the illicit manufacture of cocaine, heroin and amphetamine-type stimulants would not have become a problem,意识到与毒品贩运有关的犯罪取决于化学前体的获得,没有化学前体,可卡因、海洛因和苯丙胺类兴奋剂的非法制造本来是不会成为一个问题的,
Concerned at the escalation of the problem of illicit supply, diversion and substitution of precursors and at the use of sophisticated technologies,关切地注意到前体的非法供应、转移和替代问题日趋严重以及尖端技术的采用,
Also concerned at the increase in the laundering of money derived from drug trafficking, which is detrimental to national economies and fosters corruption,还关切地注意到对源于毒品贩运的资金进行洗钱的现象不断增多,这既损害国家经济又助长腐败,
Noting that the supply of and demand for illicit drugs are harmful to public health and that children and young persons are among the consumers of such drugs,注意到非法药物供应和需求有害公众健康,而儿童和青年人也是这类药物的消费者,
Recognizing that education and training are basic prerequisites for the efficient performance of the various tasks that institutions and their officials must carry out in order to deal with the world drug problem and drug-related offences,认识到教育和培训是使各机构及其官员为处理世界毒品问题和与毒品有关的犯罪而应开展的各项工作取得成效的基本前提, 促请有关国际组织与联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处磋商,提供资金和其他支助,以培训与世界毒品问题作斗争相关学科的专家,特别侧重于预防措施以及诸如前体管制、毒品检测实验室及实验室质量保证、反洗钱和防止吸毒等领域,铭记在区域一级举办这种培训可能往往效果最佳。
Urges relevant international organizations, in consultation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, to provide financing and other support for the training of experts in various subjects related to the fight against the world drug problem, with particular emphasis on preventive measures and areas such as precursor control, drug-testing laboratories and laboratory quality assurance, countering money-laundering and drug abuse prevention, bearing in mind that such training may often be best delivered on a regional basis.2003年7月22日
44th plenary meeting 22 July 2003第44次全体会议